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Free Gig Quote Calculator For Musicians And Bands

As with any business, life as a working musician can involve some pretty monotonous and repetitive tasks, which quite frankly we could all do without.

At Bands For Hire agency we’ve built our internal systems to reduce the boring everyday administrative chores and spend more time on what really matters. For you, that means more time writing music, rehearsing and marketing your original music - for us it means more time with clients and doing the things we love such as creating content, listening to new acts and well… developing helpful little tools.

A couple of years ago we released our free invoice generator for musicians which has proved to be hugely popular with our readers and so today we’ve just published another completely free-to-use tool: The Quote Calculator for Bands and Musicians.

It’s dead easy to use, just fill in the form with your address, the venue address and milage costs and the calculator will use the Google Maps API to work out the distance and travel costs. Feel free to give it a try, we’d love to hear your feedback about additional features you’d like to see in the future.


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Original article from Music Think Tank (primary) RSS updated 3/6/2020


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