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How to Make Playing the Guitar a More Personal Experience

If you really want to enjoy playing the guitar, try making it a more individualized experience. You can have a deeper connection to the instrument, the music you play and yourself. This can be exciting and calming at the same time. These tips can help you make it a more personal experience.

Consider the Health Benefits

There are plenty of health benefits to playing the guitar. For example, it can enhance concentration, boost memory, relieve stress, increase energy, boost confidence, promote fitness, reduce anxiety, aid in getting over heartbreak, and improve eye and hand coordination. You can also forget about your problems, and have peace of mind.

Be More Aware of How You Feel

As you strum your guitar, it can help a lot to pay attention to how the instrument and music make you feel. Try focusing on the feelings and sensations in your body and mind. Further, allow yourself to feel the music and just be in the moment. Experienced guitar players often refer to this is a meditative experience. This can be a similar feeling to that of spirituality. Additionally, using headphones can make listening to music much more pleasurable.

Create Your Own Music

While it can be exciting to play the music of others, you can entertain yourself by creating your own music. Since you’ll be creating it yourself, you’ll likely feel like the experience is more personal to you. If you have an instructional book, you can use this to experiment with composing your own songs. Another idea is to strum different chords to see what sounds right, and make this into a song. Don’t worry if it doesn’t sound perfect. The point is to feel your way through different musical sounds, so you understand the guitar and yourself better.

Listen to Your Favorite Artists

It can benefit you to put on your favorite guitarists’ music. If you don’t have your own style of playing, try studying how other artists do it. Think about how they feel, look and express themselves as they strum. One good piece of advice is to be yourself as you play. Try to keep in mind that copying others too much can make you forget how to be you.

One of your main goals when you play your guitar should be to genuinely enjoy the experience. After all, this is your time for creative self-expression as a unique individual. With some practice and experience, you have the opportunity to feel like a real musician. At the same time, just live in the moment and be yourself.


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Original article from Music Think Tank (primary) RSS updated 3/30/2021


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