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MusicThinkTank Weekly Recap: Social Media Algorithms & More

Wassim Awess | How Important Are Social Media Algorithm Updates For Musicians? Sam Bowman | The Rise And Evolution Of Ambient Music: New Forms And Applications Maryn Mcdonnell | Recommended Vehicles For Musicians To Use During Music Tours Gary Wayne | 4 Mental Health Benefits Of Playing A Musical Instrument

MusicThinkTank Weekly Recap: Gig Calculator & More

Adam Mezzatesta | Free Gig Quote Calculator For Musicians And Bands Lizzie Weakley | Recording From Home? 4 Ways To Upgrade Your Set-Up Ashley Wilson | 5 Tech Essentials For Starting Audio Streaming Anica Oaks | 4 Ways To Troubleshoot Your Home Sound System

Free Gig Quote Calculator For Musicians And Bands

As with any business, life as a working musician can involve some pretty monotonous and repetitive tasks, which quite frankly we could all do without. At Bands For Hire agency we’ve built our internal systems to reduce the boring everyday administrative chores and spend more time on what really matters. For you, that means more time writing music, rehearsing and marketing your original music - fo...

Recording From Home? 4 Ways To Upgrade Your Set-Up

The internet allows anyone to put their talents on display for the world, so it’s no surprise that home recording studios have surged in popularity. From song covers to documentaries and political commentary, more people than ever are broadcasting over the digital airwaves. However, home recordings can sometimes sound like amateur demos rather than a professional product. Whether you’re creating ...

5 Tech Essentials For Starting An Audio Streaming Channel

Streaming eliminates the need to download large media files, which means you save storage space for other stuff like games and documents. One fall out is that streaming may be interrupted due to various factors, which results in negative user experience – driving your audience away. With the right equipment though you can ensure a seamless flow. The rest depends on the quality of your content. He...

4 Ways To Troubleshoot Your Home Sound System

If you enjoy music, then a home sound system is one of the best ways to truly experience your favorite tunes. Sometimes, however, you may encounter trouble with your sound system, which can quickly become frustrating if it’s not quickly resolved. Rather than becoming angry, though, there are some simple steps you can take to troubleshoot your sound system and identify the source of the problem. T...

MusicThinkTank Weekly Recap: House Shows & More

Sam Bowman | How To Prepare A Space For House Shows Dan Matthews | Music Of The Heart Wallace Collins | Legal Basics For DIY Artists And Musicians Magnolia Potter | Sustainable Moving & Living Tips For Musicians

How To Prepare A Space For House Shows

House shows are always popular with traveling musicians, both for those with an existing fanbase or those who want to build a fanbase. For musicians, house shows are a way to reach a new audience, connect with other musicians and those who support them, and maybe even get a few extra perks along the way — like financial support or a place to stay for the night. If you’re a fan of the intimacy of ...

Music Of The Heart: Partnerships With Nonprofits And Advocacy Groups Can Lead To Growth For Everyone

Music is your heart. It’s your soul. It’s your blood. The air that you breathe. The thing that gets you up in the morning. And building your music career is your life’s purpose. It’s what you devote all your time, energy, and effort to. But giving your all to your music doesn’t mean you can’t also give to your community. In fact, as a musician, you have an incredible opportunity not only for supp...

How Important Are Social Media Algorithm Updates For Musicians?

Social media marketing has become a great part of the music industry in late years. The increase of Social Platforms’ popularity encouraged young artists to have more power over their authenticity and brought the freedom to create original content for free. When done effectively, SMM can lead to a bigger following as well as more engagement from your target fanbase. However, social media growth c...

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